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Clear Gel Overlay On Natural Nails – There Is No Better Way To Look More Natural Yet Styled!

In this era of fake nails, the women are indeed spoilt for choice, yet the nude style of applying clear gel overlay on natural nails has topped the list offering a simple yet sophisticated look.

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How to use CND Super Shiney: Understanding the Most Important Nail Care hack!

Amongst the various brands, knowing how to use CND Super Shiney, will definitely leave you impressed with the CND brand and its wide array of products, making you want to try their entire series.

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Nail tek Foundation ii base coat - The benefits of base and top coat for your nails

Nail Tek Foundation ii base coat is part of the most commonly purchased base coat on the market. You may avoid buying any kind of expensive nail paint but investing in a quality base coat like the Nail Tek Foundation ii base coat is not an option because it adds a glossy shine to your nail paint with little life.

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How to use Seche Vite UV top coat

This product brings to life your manicure with its specially formulated quick drying top coat. The highlight of this product includes a fast drying ability with intense shine, no need for LED/UV lamp.

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